Friday, September 2, 2011

Pac Div- Fallin. Released from the Mania! mixtape. I fucks with it!

Frank Ocean- Novacane. Judge me for diggin this joint and i'll judge you for not and fuckin wit' it by now. This kid is the future!

Tyler, The Creator feat. Frank Ocean- She. This track grew on me, lately I discovered that. It turns out that the kid is really talented not only as a rapper but on the production-end too. Nobody thought he possessed the ability of creating such a good song which is rather musical and transcending than his previous single releases like Yonkers and Sandwiches, which carried a grundgy taste.

Elzhi- It Ain't Hard To Tell. Always been our favourite rapper and an inspiration when it comes to lyricism. Congrats to El for doin justice by the way for executing a monumental classic hip-hop album of all time such as IllMatic.

Pusha-T feat. Tyler, The Creator- Trouble On My Mind. I'm not on Tyler's or Odd Future's nuts, but i'd be crazy for not putting up this one. This joint is a BANGER! Tyler's mad innovative, consistent and stays in his element.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ill Skillz in ELLE Magazine

We recently appeared on Elle Magazine's September issue, check it out!

Ill Skillz on that pretty-boy fly shit lol.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Throne - Otis or Common + Nas - Ghetto Dreams

Two new videos from Hip hop's prominent cats recently hit the market. Over the top braggadocious offering from Jay Z and Kanye (The Throne) where we see a Maybach getting the nip/tuck in a shocking statement to the world as Jay proclaims "I invented Swag, poppin bottles, putting super models in a cab" etc etc. On the other, Ghetto dreams, Common and Nas take it to the streets...Mr Nasir Jones taking us back to Nasty Nas with a flow we haven't heard in ages.

It's already been an exciting year for hip hop, it's clear there's more to look forward to no matter what your taste is. Stay Ill Skillin!

The Throne - Otis

Common + Nas - Ghetto Dreams

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From The Granite To The Sky With No Limits

To start i'd like to quote the black Jack Johnson a.k.a Flako Bey that's the bidness, he said "We Are Alive In Amazing Times, Delicate Hearts, Diabolical Minds". He says a lot of things really, i think The Ecstatic is very much underrated. Suppose it has much to do with our obsession with grandeur and glamour, that we care less for anything that alludes to reality or requires the sober mind to engage and challenge what is being presented in the music.

As I write this i'm confronted with news of riots in London, which according to reports were initially a reaction/protest of the shooting of a local man in Tottenham. This is somehow overshadowing the Famine in Somalia, currently responsible for the death of thousands of women and children. But in the politics of the world, the crisis in Somalia is of less importance, as it doesn't much influence the bottom line (especially not at a time when the stock value in Frankfurt took a serious knock leaving global markets shook).

But something's got to give. Africans if anything are ashamed of the famine in Somalia, and intrigued by the riots in London. It's like watching a movie. The famine however doesn't help us get over our self loathing and disdain for our neighbours...makes us even less proud to be African.

We're good at being worldly, sophisticated and well informed about new developments and trends in the west...even the east. But don't ask us to be African. We don't even know what that means.

That said let me draw your attention to this new video by Evidence - Same Folks ft. Fashawn. Shot on the boardwalk on Venice Beach, California where both rappers are from. You may know Evidence from Dilated Peoples "worst comes to worst, my peoples come first". The video starts with DJ Babu telling them "You're Never Gonna Blow Up" as the two are busy burning cd's on a laptop and replacing Walkman batteries. Watch the video to see how it plays out, but more importantly. Pay attention to the lyrics and hear the message. pure skillz!!!!

On the higher end of Hip hop/rap the long talked about release of one of the biggest collaborations in music history has finally hit the market. Pop culture icons, Jay-Z and Kanye West together known as The Throne, have dropped Watch The Throne after teasing fans with the album art and track-list feat some top notch producers like Q-Tip, 88 Keys, Swizz Beats and RZA. Don Jazzy, a Naija boy who recently signed to Yeezy's G.O.O.D Music alongside D'Banj also made the credit list. A great achievement for any African hip hop artist.

The project in itself is quite ambitious. Jay and Ye are both mega figures in the entertainment world. The pressure to out do themselves, real or perceived is daunting. I get a sense that their both very concerned about their legacy and at times very defensive, Ye especially. No doubt this album will be dissected and talked about for a minute as The Throne celebrates it's position as the regal icon of black american excellence. But don't be fooled, if the album didn't live up to your expectation, i'd like to know what you were expecting.

Intro track opens with Frank Ocean "Human beings in a mob. What's a mob to a King? What's a King to a God? What's a God to a nonbeliever? who don't believe in anything, will he make it out a live? alright...alright, No Church In The Wild."

I will ask you to understand that chorus, to put things in perspective as you go through the rest of the album. All I will say is I hope that people don't just ride the hype and actually pay attention to what's being said. And i don't mean quote lines you like, but understand the ideas, thoughts, emotions and messages expressed in the music. don't just skim through it.

you can stream Watch The Throne here: ""

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ill Skillionaire: FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Due to a popular demand we decided to give you guys a leak of our latest single Ill Skillionaire. I personally didn't want to release it out for free coz its supposed to mark out there as our single for our forthcoming new album due in August/September and get ya'll attracted to cop the album and shit, but Flexx insisted, so there you have it!

We paid for the beat! And for the video! So ya'll gotta cop the album when it comes out.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIP Leon Botha

One of very few South African artist who were celebrated while living. R.I.P 'You showed us nothing can stop us' - Akio Kawahito aka DJ Intelligent Design

Doepelganger Presents Ill-Literate-Skill, live at Voom Voom // Sat. 04 June 2011

Action Pic 1.

Action Pic 2.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Ill Skillz Video: Ill Skillionaire



Air Yeezy 2

Firstly, I can't forgive myself for not copping the first-version smdh, at the same time I try to come to terms with it by understanding myself that I was really broke during that period and rather prioritise my monthly bills- wish I had got that Nike deal by then.

But G.O.O.D. news are on the pipeline as the man himself who invented and brought us the 'Glow In The Dark Tour' back in 2008 along with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell, KanYe West will be releasing a sophomore edition. Although that is a fact and ALSO the fact that I copped the Louis Vuitton KanYe West range, it still doesn't make-up for not scooping the first one on my collection (...yeah I know, moaning-ass sneaker fiend). And if by any chance the Shelflife crew is reading this post, I'M STILL UP TO BUY THAT AIR-YEEZY 1 ON YOUR DISPLAY CUBICLE AT THE STORE.

I believe that he might've made a debut performance with them at the Coachella Festival which took place on April 17, but when I tried taking a good look at the footage by his feet I couldn't spot a better glimpse. KanYe has obviously done and achieved alot in his career, but the reason why I mentioned the 'Glow In The Dark Tour' is because word has it that the concept around the style of the Air Yeezy 2 is adopted from the 'Glow In The Dark' model.

Nuff said! I picked up this pic of it somewhere from the internet. Hope it serves well as a preview, and I am definitely on board for this one.

Random Axe: It Gets Better and Better...

They need no intro around my circles, but incase you didn't know you have a helluva task to find out more about these fellas- Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk are Random Axe. They've all released a couple of dope cuts and some classics under their belts such as Jesus Price Superstar, Ode To The Ghetto and Tronic just to name a few, all respectively.

If I anticipate a project, then you should too- its not an order but rather an alert. I've been a real fan of these cats individually and from the tracks i've heard so far, "its about go down, Basement!" #YoungMoneyPunchline lol

I've picked up some interviews taken while they did a listening session for the album, just for an inside scoop.

Oh guess what?!! They dropped a new video as well for their latest single, "The Hex". Check it out too.


It is very clear and undisputable at this stage that Odd Future have invaded and dominated the cyber-space world, becoming the latest sensation. I'm a fan of Odd Future and I have a very genuine support for them mainly because they are very innovative, not afraid to be themselves, authentic and hold-no-bars.

Now on a random night while I was in London, internet's faster than a mofoka :-), and i'm just thrilled and excited to learn more about these kids, leading me to surf through all kinds of their footage and I came across one of their clips which just surfaced through another light on their existing shine. Believe-it-or-not, I must've watched this clip for like over 50 times, and it cracks-me-the-fuck-up as if i've seen it for this time.

To me it seems like a parody whereby Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt are acting out a mini-tale about how they started working but in a very satirical way. I'm sure when you look at it, it'll will likely ring-a-bell of how some pop-artists geek over their shit when it turns out to be really wack.

Hahaha...fuck it! Anyways, peep it out, brace yourself... its KAK funny.

Paying Homage Ill Skillz // Mingus // Camo (5th Floor) 30 April @ Voom Voom CPT

Back in 2009, Mingus aka X The 24th Letter invited Ill-Literate-Skill along with Camo of 5th Floor to feature on his solo debut album titled 'Beneath The Underdog' . So we wasted no time by gathering and conceptualizing for the track, and while we were at that phase, it seemed very obvious for what makes us common, our ideologies concerning the music industry and where we as artists are standing within it.

So, 'Paying Homage' became the final concept and title for the song, since we're fans of the original hip-hop music and our influence of it rooting from the old-school/golden-era, we as one of the few left to still represent it through our own music, felt the responsibility to acknowledge the originators of the art-form. It was only right!!! I'd like to also take this opportunity to send a special shoutout to the likes of DJ Kool Herc, POC, Groundworks and 5th Floor. Thank You for laying the foundation for us.

Here you may download the track for free, also featuring DJ Big Dre on the cuts:

Further on, Mingus intended to put it out as his next single from the album, so on the 30 April 2011 we had a show at Club Voom Voom in Cape Town which initially was dedicated to Pay Our Homage to the originators and also aimed to raise funds enabling to shoot a video for it.

Shoutouts to DJ Big Dre's site .... for the photos. This is how it basically went down.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skillz That Pay Da Billz - 24 Hour Project // London Red Bull Studios // 2nd Series Promo Video

Waddup Township! Waddup World!

Right about now we're in London getting buzzay and totally berserk as most of ya'll know. Preparations for the 2nd Series of our 'Skillz That Pay Da Billz - 24 Hour Project' are underway... can't wait!

I'm quite nervous though I must say and anxious at the very same time. Flexx and I are currently finishing-up our writing process and DJ ID is helping out alot with some admin. So Grateful! And you, the reader/fan/friend/ are anticipating for this big initiative. So so so grateful!

But for now we wanted to hit you up early enough with a promo video, just so that you have insight on the environment we're blessed with over here that will enable us to accomplish this project. Check out the video clip below, directed, shot and edited by Akio Kawahito aka DJ I.D.

We appeal for your support, keep us in your prays and thoughts, this entire initiative won't be possible without your participation.

And therefore, let us stay in touch via;;; and also, later we gonna be updating you about our schedule for Ustream which will go out live every now and then, so you may witness the recording process.

Shoutouts to ya'll! God Bless! Stay Ill Skillin.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whatchu know about the Money-Making Jam Boys?

Whatchu know about the Money-Making Jam Boys?! Ha...

This Philly-bred crew consisting of Black Thought, STS, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and Dice Raw was assembled from plenty of collaborations they had made previously for The Roots albums. Look what we have now, they had compiled a mixtape in association with 10 Deep Clothing brand titled The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic.

Now here's a video for their single called 'Judgement Day'. Holla back if you feel that i've put you on.

Pac Div Mania! Teaser

If you dig a little deeper you'll discover some good hip-hop music. All we do is allow to be spoon-fed by the bullshit industry who have muscle and control for what they feel should be commercial enough to bombard our screens and radio airwaves.

This is Pac Div Kid! Today they are releasing I think their 3rd mixtape titled Mania! I can't wait to get my hands on it. Here's a teaser right here!

Dr. Dre's Detox: Is What We Ordered Finally Here???

I came across this new track + video recently by the West-Coast master-mind Dr. Dre. The track is called 'I Need A Doctor' and it features Eminem and Skylar Grey.

If my knowledge serves me right, it might've been the song they performed at this year's Grammy Awards. Peep it out though, its very kinda emotional too.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

J Dilla: 'Sill Shining' Documentary

Just thought i'd remind ya'll, its J Dilla Month. Next time a Dilla beat plays through your speakers, make sure you turn that shit up!

Word on the streets is that a new documentary about J Dilla is coming out soon and its titled 'Still Shining'. Peep the trailer below:

The Roots x ODD FUTURE

I had this long paragraph typed out in my attempt to interpret shit, then i figured fuck it! I'm fascinated, if you understand this word "fascination"...that's my shit. A huge fan of the prolific Black Thought and The Legendary Roots Crew. Check out this short about the The Roots live filmed during their Hennessey Artistry Tour. Many artists were featured on here, you'll see them. This is my school, "The Super MCees" as you'll hear Black Thought explain. The Roots finally got a Grammy nomination for HIGO this year. I think that Grammy went to Eminem? Eh! who cares, I personally think How I Got over is the best album out in a long minute. It's on constant rotation here.

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

On the flip side if you haven't heard of ODD FUTURE, Wolf Gang, Tyler the Creator or Earl. Get familiar now. You'll be seeing, hearing them soon. They recently performed with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon's Show. They are young, unapologetic, insane like no one could have anticipated this "phenomenon" in Hip hop. Beats, Rhymes are insane. Now the message (sound, lyric and aesthetic) of this new crew from LA begs the question "what the fuck?" I have no "Die Antwoord" just a fascination with the attitude, the freedom, mindset and indeed foresee an ODD FUTURE. This shit is pure genius, when I imagine it blowing up in SA i think of our society, the rural, small town, township, suburban, urban. Ooooooooh! the future is now.
Shout out to democracy and!


Big ups to my dude @BillyxBluntz.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ill Skillz live at The Assembly "Red Bull Studio Sessions"

Waddup Township!

Just to give you guys an update of how it went down last Friday at The Assembly, this has to be one of our most memorable to date... and i'ma say one thing about it, WHITE BOYS & GIRLS CAN PARTY!!! The energy was way to extreme up in that motherfucker.

So for now, i'm just gonna post up the pics then follow-up later with some footage which i'm still expecting to give you a full glimpse.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Head Honcho featured on Sunday Sun

Our fam, Head Honcho, recently got featured on Sunday Sun newspaper. Check it out!

Red Bull Studio Sessions- Discotheque

This weekend you may catch Ill-Literate-Skill getting live, buzzay and totally berserk, at The Assembly for the 2nd annual Red Bull Studio Sessions on Friday 11 Feb 2011.

They are also gonna be giving-away free copies of their 2011 Red Bull Studio Session mix in which our track 'Unbreakable' on it.

New Videos by Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu and Distant Relatives (Nas & Damian Marley).

Its such a nice feeling to have your favourite artists dropping new music on days like these, because all we're flooded and saturated with nowadays is alota music thats kinda bullshit.

Luckily these artists need no intro to most and all i'm gonna do is drop some their new videos and also interviews promoting their latest projects.

Talib Kweli's new video for a track titled 'I'm On One' taken from his latest album called 'Gutter Rainbows'. Dope shit right here, especially when you have Khrysis on the boards, you can never go wrong.

Well, I recall John Robinson telling me that homeboy back then was a film student. But can you believe that Flyin Lotus directed this video??? Erykah Badduuueeee! Enjoy

I don't care what you gotta say here, this dude right here is just simply one of my favourites... PERIOD! I don't care how he does it, but its just that through his art and his previous works he managed to convince me to have faith in him. Lupe Fiasco ladies and gents. But its only a snippet though, the excitement couldn't hold me back from posting it. Lookout for his new offering titled 'L.A.S.E.R.S.', dropping on the 8 March.

Last-but-not-least, to the ones who deserves crowns in my opinion. Nas & Damian Marley dubbed as Distant Relatives for their collaborative project.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paying Dues

My manz @Nemesisinc sent me a link to this vid he shot in 09 around the time Ill Skillz was wrapping up Off The Radar our debut album, that never quite made it national but is still sought after to this day. It's interesting to look back and see how far you've come, yet realising it's still a long shot to where your mind is at. I didn't make it to The Planetarium on this particular day, but what you see in the vid is pretty much how shit jumped off there. We shared the stu with Driemanskap, we put the studio together and one time it got broken into. That wasn't so clever of those kids, coz i mean what were they thinking? We were just gonna let it go? well to reference Mr Bey, them boys got Got! Not shot, more like knocked the fuck out type shit. Needless to say we got most of what was stolen back.

The song "Man Up" never made the album cut, but it should be in the vaults and who knows we might just put it out for you. Driemanskap are having a series of gigs in the run up to their second album launch, and Ill Skillz will be rocking with the fellas on the 4th of Feb at District 6 Cafe in Cape Town this weekend. Diggin' Deep is the clique, What Up Township! Check out Tommy Jinxx break it down sporting the second series of Double H (Head Honcho) gear. Ill Skillin!

Friday, January 28, 2011

KYD Manifest

This Saturday in NY 10, Guguletu KYD manifests the best ever to rep the Native Yard from the streets of gugs, countrywide and abroad doing what they do best! Chronic Clan and Driemanskap, who you're probably familiar with by now have got together with KYDealers to bring you this event at a park in NY 10 tomorrow. Kritz Ye Spaza, your host has been called up to MC the event. The weather has been more than charitable out in the Cape, so this promises to be a great day out in the Park. Get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You gotta make it out there to see how it goes down in the hood. What Up Township! Ill Skillz will start the day out in Eerste River, Khayelitsha then Guguletu for this block party. We doing this 3 Townships Tour tomorrow...and def looking forward to another dope day in the ghetto, with fam and friends. Look out for Don Reality a.k.a Teba Shumba, Black Dillinger, Crosby and all the other champions set to bless the party.

What Up Township!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Pac Division.

I'm feeling these cats right now... since i'm inclined to a group set-up, I thought maybe ya'll should get to know about another young group doin' it big, and still understand that hip-hop groups are still viable in this time and age.

Ladies and gents meet Pacific Division, residing all the way in L.A.

Ill-Literate-Skill 2009 Interview

I googled, and look what I found.

I remember slightly doing this interview back in 09, while we working on a Ill Skillz Exclusives/ Head Honcho Showcase at a venue called Cybar in Cape Town. It even slipped my mind that we recorded the song playing on the background which features Nonku Phiri.

Here's a piece of a throwback.

How You Like This Ha???...

Lord! Lord! Lord! I gotta blow-up....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back ii The Streets

Intro: Malcolm X

Hook: Back To The Streets/ What up township/ we need to start a military/

Verse 1: Jimmy Flexx

Back in the parish of dirt bellies, murder rates, alcohol & drug abuse, shoot-to-kill cops, entrepreneurs, fast living & corner chillin villains looking to rob/ social deviants believe only what's real where they are/ my reality 360 degrees, universal/ systematic oppression by the federal stakeholders, slave owners of the new world, The Take-Over, shape shifters shifty, back at the ranch shit is gritty/ dirty money moving in circles even within the churches, liberation struggle heroes found greed is the new purpose/ party politics & bickering, sickening to the stomach like how these rappers is garbage, somebody take 'em to college. Yeah! or better yet give 'em a job and please bring me black bag i'm tippin trash cans you in a danger zone dead man.
And I'm Flexx man!

Hook: Back To The Streets/ What up township/ we need to start a military/

Tommy Jinxx

Waddup Bitches, niggas, hustlers, killers,… Haven’t heard a hit since thriller/ Live in my hood where they wanna coup d'éta Zille/ Ciphers, zols puff-n-passin bumpin Fela/ Italiano label head-to-toe call me "Speedans!"/ Aim is to celebrate, finger on a trigger/ This is the anthem, bang your damn handguns/ Daughters fakin kidnaps hustling poppa for ransoms/ Take it back to the essence, Radios Wack FM (f-em)/ Lance Stehr bonkers on a track we ghetto ruff’em/ We watchin artists starving like orphans/ Tommy’s marchin forth with Flight Jordans/ Game’s frontliners, cypher freestylers/ Vega-graduated Ogilvy MD she likes Us/ Who dumb enough to doubt Ill Skillz killin boom-bap/ Who knew that whites called blacks Snoobabs (backwards read as… Baboons).

Back II The Streets by J.Flexx

Click Here: link

Friday, January 14, 2011

... we had an Ill Skillin Week!

Waddup Township! Wassup World! We’d like to welcome everybody to a brand new decade, a new year and so on. We’ve conquered 2010, now bring on 2011- its about to be another great year for Ill Skillz, don’t say we didn’t warn you about that # YearOfTheIllSkillionaires.

But before we go way ahead of ourselves- coz that’s what happens when you stay Ill Skillin, getting live, buzzay and totally berserk all day and everyday- While we enjoyed our rise to prominence throughout the previous year, it was only right and natural that we wrap-it-off in a significant way. Through everything we had gained from the warm reception, the support and many other opportunities, we reckon that a lot of credit should go to our supporters and all-else had fit in the right place by ensuring a schedule of gig appearances by yours truly, Ill-Literate-Skill, during the last week of 2010.

Geez, a lot has happened though but as far as I can remember correctly, on Christmas Eve (24 Dec) we were invited to perform at the Party People show hosted by the illustrious DJ Kenzhero, normally taking place every last Friday of the month. It was great evening where you had a chance to see a line-up of Cape Town artists including us, 5th Floor, Mingus, ETC Crew, Souljahz Pros, killin’it on one stage. See pics below to see what you might’ve missed out on if you weren’t there lol.

Tommy Jinxx comin at Y.O.U.

ETC Crew, J. Filter on the beatbox.

See dat?? Yeeaah! Moving right along, the one which was highly-anticipated by the entire city of Cape Town along with some visitors who dominantly came from JHB, was the Head Honcho 2ndBirthday Celebration which took place on the 28 Dec at a very classy venue in Cape Town called Chevelle. OMG! What an epic night too, at the end of the night I solely dubbed a phrase which says- ‘Hip-Hop Is Beautiful’. It wasn’t your typical kinda event where you would find alota purists hip-hop fans, but considering that you came across a line-up including Ill-Literate-Skill, AKA and Khuli Chana, you know it was supposed to go down riiiight?! For a festive season night it was definitely the place to be, with party DJs on board such as the likes of DJ PH, Lloyd, Lulo Café, Switch, Naves… just to name a few.

Anyways nuff said, check the pics below to see how it went down, but before signing off this paragraph we’d like to congratulate Head Honcho Clothing Label’s success and achievements. We literally came up in the game together and we’ve witness their growth which eventually turned into a knack of dominance. Lets keep it moving family!

Yep! Great week indeed. Back into our own territory, our in-house events operation, Ill Skillz Exclusives was the last gig left to finish-off the marathon. We booked Zula Bar on the 30 Dec to host it and to showcase our incredible live performance we’re well-known for. Also thanks to our guests who joined us that night namely, DJ Raiko, Emcee Camo (5th Floor), Mingus (Writers Block) and also ETC Crew… good lookin fam.

So till next time, now that you’ve gained insight on how we live in the scene, I’m sure you’re already on your toes to attend our forthcoming show. Until then, Peace Township! Wishing ya’ll all the best and have an Ill Skillin year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Dillinger - From A Place

Big tingz agwan in Gugs, Driemanskap just dropped "Sphum'eGugs" feat. Kanyi & Macho a few weeks ago. Now one of the Native Yard's very own Champions, Black Dillinger brings this fire to let you know what time it is. This ryddim called "From A Place" speaks of some of the blessings and injustices here in Africa, aluta continua, ghetto youth struggle in a prosperous land..."Ethiopia re-live i swear" seeeeeeeeeen.

Inspiring to see shit like this, come out of a city with no music industry or artist support. Especially for the man of hue. Expect to see more of Black Dillinger, the brother has been pushing this ting for a long time... ghetto youth recognise 2011 and beyond even.

Big up to Dillinger for dis one. Gugulethu big up yourselves, from CPT to Addis Ababa and overwaters. The stars are aligned, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!