Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Axe: It Gets Better and Better...

They need no intro around my circles, but incase you didn't know you have a helluva task to find out more about these fellas- Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk are Random Axe. They've all released a couple of dope cuts and some classics under their belts such as Jesus Price Superstar, Ode To The Ghetto and Tronic just to name a few, all respectively.

If I anticipate a project, then you should too- its not an order but rather an alert. I've been a real fan of these cats individually and from the tracks i've heard so far, "its about go down, Basement!" #YoungMoneyPunchline lol

I've picked up some interviews taken while they did a listening session for the album, just for an inside scoop.

Oh guess what?!! They dropped a new video as well for their latest single, "The Hex". Check it out too.

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