Thursday, February 17, 2011

J Dilla: 'Sill Shining' Documentary

Just thought i'd remind ya'll, its J Dilla Month. Next time a Dilla beat plays through your speakers, make sure you turn that shit up!

Word on the streets is that a new documentary about J Dilla is coming out soon and its titled 'Still Shining'. Peep the trailer below:

The Roots x ODD FUTURE

I had this long paragraph typed out in my attempt to interpret shit, then i figured fuck it! I'm fascinated, if you understand this word "fascination"...that's my shit. A huge fan of the prolific Black Thought and The Legendary Roots Crew. Check out this short about the The Roots live filmed during their Hennessey Artistry Tour. Many artists were featured on here, you'll see them. This is my school, "The Super MCees" as you'll hear Black Thought explain. The Roots finally got a Grammy nomination for HIGO this year. I think that Grammy went to Eminem? Eh! who cares, I personally think How I Got over is the best album out in a long minute. It's on constant rotation here.

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

On the flip side if you haven't heard of ODD FUTURE, Wolf Gang, Tyler the Creator or Earl. Get familiar now. You'll be seeing, hearing them soon. They recently performed with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon's Show. They are young, unapologetic, insane like no one could have anticipated this "phenomenon" in Hip hop. Beats, Rhymes are insane. Now the message (sound, lyric and aesthetic) of this new crew from LA begs the question "what the fuck?" I have no "Die Antwoord" just a fascination with the attitude, the freedom, mindset and indeed foresee an ODD FUTURE. This shit is pure genius, when I imagine it blowing up in SA i think of our society, the rural, small town, township, suburban, urban. Ooooooooh! the future is now.
Shout out to democracy and!


Big ups to my dude @BillyxBluntz.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ill Skillz live at The Assembly "Red Bull Studio Sessions"

Waddup Township!

Just to give you guys an update of how it went down last Friday at The Assembly, this has to be one of our most memorable to date... and i'ma say one thing about it, WHITE BOYS & GIRLS CAN PARTY!!! The energy was way to extreme up in that motherfucker.

So for now, i'm just gonna post up the pics then follow-up later with some footage which i'm still expecting to give you a full glimpse.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Head Honcho featured on Sunday Sun

Our fam, Head Honcho, recently got featured on Sunday Sun newspaper. Check it out!

Red Bull Studio Sessions- Discotheque

This weekend you may catch Ill-Literate-Skill getting live, buzzay and totally berserk, at The Assembly for the 2nd annual Red Bull Studio Sessions on Friday 11 Feb 2011.

They are also gonna be giving-away free copies of their 2011 Red Bull Studio Session mix in which our track 'Unbreakable' on it.

New Videos by Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu and Distant Relatives (Nas & Damian Marley).

Its such a nice feeling to have your favourite artists dropping new music on days like these, because all we're flooded and saturated with nowadays is alota music thats kinda bullshit.

Luckily these artists need no intro to most and all i'm gonna do is drop some their new videos and also interviews promoting their latest projects.

Talib Kweli's new video for a track titled 'I'm On One' taken from his latest album called 'Gutter Rainbows'. Dope shit right here, especially when you have Khrysis on the boards, you can never go wrong.

Well, I recall John Robinson telling me that homeboy back then was a film student. But can you believe that Flyin Lotus directed this video??? Erykah Badduuueeee! Enjoy

I don't care what you gotta say here, this dude right here is just simply one of my favourites... PERIOD! I don't care how he does it, but its just that through his art and his previous works he managed to convince me to have faith in him. Lupe Fiasco ladies and gents. But its only a snippet though, the excitement couldn't hold me back from posting it. Lookout for his new offering titled 'L.A.S.E.R.S.', dropping on the 8 March.

Last-but-not-least, to the ones who deserves crowns in my opinion. Nas & Damian Marley dubbed as Distant Relatives for their collaborative project.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paying Dues

My manz @Nemesisinc sent me a link to this vid he shot in 09 around the time Ill Skillz was wrapping up Off The Radar our debut album, that never quite made it national but is still sought after to this day. It's interesting to look back and see how far you've come, yet realising it's still a long shot to where your mind is at. I didn't make it to The Planetarium on this particular day, but what you see in the vid is pretty much how shit jumped off there. We shared the stu with Driemanskap, we put the studio together and one time it got broken into. That wasn't so clever of those kids, coz i mean what were they thinking? We were just gonna let it go? well to reference Mr Bey, them boys got Got! Not shot, more like knocked the fuck out type shit. Needless to say we got most of what was stolen back.

The song "Man Up" never made the album cut, but it should be in the vaults and who knows we might just put it out for you. Driemanskap are having a series of gigs in the run up to their second album launch, and Ill Skillz will be rocking with the fellas on the 4th of Feb at District 6 Cafe in Cape Town this weekend. Diggin' Deep is the clique, What Up Township! Check out Tommy Jinxx break it down sporting the second series of Double H (Head Honcho) gear. Ill Skillin!