Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jimmy Flexx representing on Senator Park Raps by Shorty Tee

If you live,work or party in the Cape Town CBD and you can't relate to this. Askies!

So I woke up with a hangover called up Shorty Tee after we got dik gesuip the night before,scheming to grab some brewskies nje ba sikhuphe isitlamatlama. Was meant to hit up Raiko, he was gonna fund this recovery of mine but as destiny would have it, we ended up at my boy Steez's joint just up Long Street. Hadn't seen dude in forever, got lit, Steez popped out his 7D cam, like "check this shit out" long story short...we were on Long Street with Crazy Ricardo, Moe, a useless Boombox, and a light. 4 days later BOOM! There it is. SPR shout out to Shorty Tee.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uno's Birthday Celebratiooon biatch!!!

Uno's birthday Ill Skillz Video tomorrw. I Think thats a dope birthday gift.
Here is Uno's birthday resolution posted on his Facebook status.

"My age has reached Mandela's 27 yr prison sentence milestone, and im inspired to follow his path from here onwards & pursue more greater things in life. Thanx to everybody so far for da b'day wishes,... fuck there's too many of ya'll to mention. Stay Unbreakable! Stay Ill Skillin!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rocoflo wit da Ill Skillz Video

Nash Money, Johannesburg Sneaker Archive Exhibition

This Friday 15th October sees the final show in South Africa (Johannesburg), from sneaker customiser Alex Nash. The event will showcase an archive of custom/hybrid collection from NASHMONEY.COM, Heritage day Custom project (11 customs for each official language of South Africa), Official collaborations with Lacoste and DCshoes on display along with samples and some initial sketches and a photo gallery (A insight to the making of the customs and works with Second Son Clothing UK). Via

Skillz That Pay Da Billz on Bandcamp (FREE STREAMING/DOWNLOAD)

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