Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who's Ill Skillin with us in this final week of 2010

Its the final lap of Ill Skillin this week for the year 2010. It has been a monumental year and we've reached milestones we've always dreamed about, and we'd like to show gratitude and dedicate these last showcases of this year to you.
First up, tonight of 28 December, catch us live at Chevelle for the Head Honcho 2nd B'day Party along with AKA and Khuli Chana.

Then to wrap it up, we shut it down with our Ill Skillz Exclusives at Zula Bar on the 30 Dec, along with our DJ ID as well as DJ Raiko.

Lastly i'd like to wish everybody a Happy Festive Season, it was a pleasure sharing our experiences with ya'll and we guarantee to deliver more dope music and prestigious performances.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live Progressively

Me and Jinxx joined our boy Zo and took a boat cruise from the V&A Waterfront along the coast with a couple of peeps, Stacy's Birthday. Too much fun!!!!!!!!

Tommy Jinxx sporting the the Head Honcho denim shirt, steering the boat (Stay Fresh)

Here we're rockin at Teba's Birthday Bash in Guguletu. A blessed day, truly blessed.

Garlic Brown, Isaac Newton and myself join Public Enemy with Flavor Flav on the drums. Epic! Mr Chuck & Flav rocked for 2 and a half hours straight! At their age, shit was live. You had to be there.

Jinxx and I rockin District Six Cafe

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sphum' eGugz: Driemanskap feat. Macho & Kanyi

When I moved to Guguletu, The Native Yard, Guguletoire, or simply Gugz in 2002 I became friends with Dlambulo who introduced me to Ma B, Elnino and I eventually met Macho, Planet Earth, Hyphen, T.O.P, Otus, Uno (Tommy jinxx) and a gang of other cats rapping in the scene at the time. I lived two streets away from Planet Earth in Tembisa Ave. We call him Dre, some people in the hood called him Dragon...he was the only cat making hip hop beats and we all would hang out at the Planetarium at his crib and drink quarts of beer, get high, talk shit and freestyle...and then talk some more shit. we called ourselves "Diggin Deep" you could go to his spot and find cats hanging out at any given time of day, without fail. There was no recording set up, just a computer with software and some speakers. We weren't really recording then, but cats were chasing parkjams from Gugs, Langa to Mandalay, jumping the metrorail (no ticket, at times). We looked out for each other, food, alcohol whatever. House parties in the hood were our favourite, but for the most part we hung out at shebeens (township liquor holes), and would talk shit and rap some more. T.O.P wouldn't stop rapping no matter where or what the situation was. Dude just spits, written or freestyle. Hip hop wasn't as cool as it is now. We were misfits in our community. They'd call us iNigga (Niggers); Kwaito was big. We didn't really get down with kwaito, now everybody and their mama is a rapper. That's cool. Hip hop Wins! I started Ill-Literate-Skill with Uno (Tommy Jinxx) and Macho (The Firebreather) in 2005. We dropped Another day-Another Rhyme and then Battle Of Guguletu a mixtape with Driemanskap in 2006. Planet Earth was on the Beats. Getting it in stores was a dream that was never realised. We (Ill Skillz & Driemanskap) travelled to Grahamstown that same year, if not in 07, for the Arts Festival on a shoestring budget and no gigs. We were gonna jump on whatever stage was open. Stayed in a house in Vergenoeg (Yip it was far enough), we made a name for ourselves, had fun and came back inspired to put in more work. Anyway, last year Ill Skillz released Off The Radar and got this video "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5I1w2jqxkA"> on Channel O. Driemanskap dropped Igqabukil' Inyongo and got this "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeIYi89vRyQ&feature=related"> on. Gugs was on the map. Now this new video for a track off their acclaimed album Igqabukil'Inyongo aptly titled Sphum' eGugz (we're from Gugz) features Macho (former Ill Skillz member) and the incredibly talented Kanyi (trust me she's dope). This joint's for Guguletu, and I know Gugz is gonna be proud of them for this one. Big up to Driemanskap and Pioneer Unit!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blu... what's the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to this dude? ...uhmmm. Undoubtedly and definitely a helluva dope MC, a breath-of-fresh-air on the hip-hop scene ever since rap has been dumbing down over the past few years, as we've constantly seen on TV and heard on the radio.

We, the Ill Skillionaires are fans of lyriciscm and we reckon he's one of the best youngest/newest rap artists to ever restore back the faith of showcasing some splendid and exciting lyricism in this current game. This is mastered and proven through his previous releases such as the 'Below The Heavens' album, in which he collaborated with a dope producer by the name of Exile residing in LA, as well as other releases such as the 'Her Favorite Color' his solo-effort, the 'Johnson&Johnson' album along with Mainframe, and also the C.R.A.C. Knuckles 'The Piece Talks' cuts collaborated along with Ta'Raach.

And don't say we're blowing the horn, but we were fortunate enough to meet and open-up for the dude while he was on his SA Tour with Exile during September 2010, courtesy of our fam holding down dope events, Kool Out Live.

Well, we've got the latest scoop that he'll be dropping his new album aptly-titled 'No! York' soon.

As indicated by Shamz of Okayplayer.com for this video's topic- LA Stereo TV recently got up with none other than Blu to discuss a few topics. Blu talks about the spiritual reason he feels The Roots brought him on board for How I Got Over, his upcoming first label release, NoYork! (which will have contributions from Samiyam, Flying Lotus, Exile, Sa-Ra, U-God & more), and why he chooses to be part of the electronic hip-hop genre.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Press: Interviews with Hype Mag and Cosmopolitan

It is no doubt that Ill-Literate-Skill has put in mad lots of work in 2010, and not only did we expand enough to gain a wider fan-base, but that we've also attracted a adequate media attention.

Recently Hype Magazine conducted an interview with us for their December issue, basically covering our making of the 'Skillz That Pay Da Billz'- 24 Hour Project and we were also discovered by Cosmopolitan Magazine for their Cosmo Rocks Feature, as the one of the main artists to look out for.

I've herewith enclosed scans for both articles.

Get familiar with us and enjoy reading.

Hype Mag Interview

Cosmopolitan Mag

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A new style has been found, OMG! Its the 'Casualties Of Raw' by Groundworks

It was back in 2003, when Hyphen, the nigga who put me on this rap shit introduced me to Groundworks, consisting of the likes of Ben Sharpa, Breeze aka Frank Talks, Snazz tha Dictator, Krooked Tha Warmonger, Hueman RIP and Gemini. One of the earliest crews to ever do it in South Africa along with Prophets Of The City and 5th Floor.

Matter-of-fact this is the time when I saw the light that I could be a MC one day, because I had learnt that there are local cats recording, performing and putting out albums. It felt quite sensational back at that time.

So cut-to-chase, please allow me to put you on one of Ill-Literate-Skill's early influences. It is a track by Groundworks called 'Casualties Of Raw'.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

F.U.1.2 (Coz We Want To) Reason, Hyphen, Mothipa, AKA & ILL SKILLZ

When was the last time you heard a dope-ass posse cut? Remember the first time you heard 'Heavy 8' by Zubz feat. Tumi, Proverb, Golden Shovel Mawe2, H2O & Kaydo? Remember 'Twice Inna Lifetime' by Black Star feat. Jane Doe, Wordsworth and Punchline? Or... the 'Flipmode Squad meets Def Squad' on Busta Rhyme's 'The Coming' album. Guess what? We just brought that feeling back! Basically, pH Raw X, a talented producer based in Jhb who we met through Ootz sent us a gang of beats earlier this year ever since we started working in 2009. We discovered a positive vibe while working together and appreciated each other's styles, judging by our previous works we collaborated together such as 'Baby, Baby' and 'Races In Spaces' which featured Zaki Ibrahim. Long-story short though, we've had this beat sitting our collection since early 2010 while we were picking beats for 'Skillz That Pay Da Billz', then in one of our visits to JHB around September Reason made an initiative to get us and Mothipa into pH's studio, and along the same time we've been communicating with AKA and Hyphen of Archetypes to hookup on some studio missions. In the end it all blended together... you basically had a beat maestro on board, 6 dope MCs and one-mic.

We created a masterpiece titled "Coz We Want To aka F.U.1.2.
"... this for all the real hip-hop heads in S.A., to keep our spirit alive, inspire each other, nigga just get with da fucken vibe!
FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://ill-literate-skill.bandcamp.com/track/f-u-12-coz-we-want-to

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nike SB Omar Salazar – Night Fall – Black – Varsity Crimson

It's summer, and what better place to be than in one of the top city's in the world? The streets have been teasing us with the finest most exotic women the world has to offer. But you gotta be at mojito's at the right time to catch glimpses as you sip that Castle or turn to ask for a lighter like BOOM! There it is...now if you're playing Shotgun, it makes it all the more interesting coz than dudes gotta step up to the plate and put their money where their mouth is, or cop the next round or something. Don't remember anyone ever getting as much as a number, but that's not the point...entirely. Not to say cats lack game or anyting, it's just the approach is contrived and woman just pick that shit up...plus the pressure of the audience that is Long Street. Anyway, it's summer and it's about to jump off before you can say December. Beach, Braais, Parties, Happy Hours the fireworks. And i'm not a narcissist but it sure feels good to be fresh when the sun is out and and the vibe is at it's best. I got a pair of shorts. yip shorts. and these motherfuckers were made with me and them shorts in mind. Just look at them and tell me i'm lying.

And you can't say i'm lying coz you haven't seen my shorts even. Yeah I'll rock these on Clifton this Sunday. If I had them. Hit Caprice after that, if the bouncer gives me trouble then he's a dom naier!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


You know when you see/hear something real that just makes you think. Something that just comes into your life at the right time, for the right reason...an uncomfortable truth. I watched and listened to this powerfull joint by a woman who's name has popped up in music convo before. The name stuck, but i never went out of my way to find this
woman. She came to me with this story of a MANCHILD who'm she cannot "save" or "blame".

This is real life shit. Black youth/ young adults all over are going through the same struggles. Is it the Coward Complex? Fear & Self-Doubt? lack of a solid support system? Colonisation? Apartheid? A psychological disease that spreads like a tumor? playstation, booze, blunts, good times. are we ever gonna own shit? like have assets, insurance and family life cover? Are these things important to us? Is it a certain personality type who carries this disease. is it a conspiracy by white america to emasculate the black man by prescribing him values that are foreign to his essence. Is it even a race issue? the answer isn't easy, neither is it a simple one. It requires deep thought and dialogue. Vuka!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ENSEMBLE: The Style of Music (20 Iconic Male Musicians)

The Style of Music’ a series of posters featuring Iconic Outfits from 20 Male Musicians. Designed by Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House, and illustrated by James Alexander.
ANDRE' 3000

Andre 3000 is always pushing the boundaries of both hip-hop and style, on and off the stage. Like his constant boundary pushing reinterpretation of the hip-hop genre, his loud stage persona is an exaggerated extension of his own personal style routed through dapper English gentry with a twist.

As Oscar Wilde, the definitive Dandy once said, “One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art”, and no question Andre 3000 consistently achieves both; giving us his gift for music, and his unique passion for fashion.

Count on a hat being thrown into the mix almost always. Whether a fedora, panama hat, derby, newsboy, trilby, safari, or bailey, nobody has mastered the art of headwear in quite the same way.
Bob Dylan

Is it possible that Bob Dylan had too much cool? Iconic in Ray Ban wayfarers, buttoned up elegance, with a disheveled mass of hair to top it off, Dylan has been seducing generations since his debut album with his poignant perspectives and laid-back elegance.

Dylan brings the poetic lyricism of his works to his style, incorporating bumpkin charm, sombre country cool, and slim cuts for a unique style that is continually copied today by men and women alike.

We embrace the skinny blazers, stovepipe jeans, striped shirts, fitted pea coats, striped scarves, and mod boots to mimic that Dylan cool, but will we ever achieve his iconic effortless edge? It never hurts to try.
Brandon Flowers

Everybody needs to get off the back of ‘The Killers’ frontman, Brandon Flowers and his exaggerated stylings. There is definitely a strong style element that comes with the flamboyant singer who has gone through a fair share of wardrobe changes over the years that have included gold lame suits, sequins, feathered blazers, fringe, snake skinned track jackets, and let’s not forget, the introduction of “guyliner”.

The showiness of his looks should come as no surprise seeing as Mr. Flowers grew up in the city of glitter and gold, Las Vegas. On a deeper level, it’s all about the American Dream- “We were these poor kids and the whole idea of being a band was to put ourselves out there as this glamorous thing. Almost the opposite of the Strokes — these wealthy kids who are these dirty rock ‘n’ rollers. Instead of dirtying it up, it was about excess, overindulgence, and Gucci. It’s almost a hip-hop thing. Bling – that’s kinda what it was like.”
Chet Baker

Chet Baker brought a cool West Coast restraint to the jazz scene in the 1950s, a refined ‘White Boy’ cool that defied the style of the time. His compelling and vulnerable voice was matched by the vulnerability he brought to expressing himself in his iconic white t-shirts. Having had only come into popularity in the early 50s, the t-shirt was still characterized as a state of undress.

Baker would help pioneer the t-shirt as a viable option in an everyday ensemble. More casual and relaxed than a button-up, his perfectly coiffed hair and pretty boy image would go a long way to pull off the look with moxie and style.

Despite this laid-back, clean-cut image, Baker’s personal life would be characterized by lengthy periods of drug abuse. Think of his simple, clean looks as truly putting yourself out there for who you are. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss ‘The King’ because of the parodied versions of Elvis you’ve seen since his passing. Surely, no one can forget the more flamboyant styles of his later days, most notably his Aloha Eagle jumpsuit and cape. But, let’s not hold it against the guy, and remember his innovation and style savvy.

Credit the music guru as a true style pioneer, searching the fringes of fashion for elements that he eventually popularized for the mass market. It was a clever juxtaposition of Southern good boy and rock ‘n’ roll misfit that quickly thrust him into the role of American heartthrob. Pioneering sharp suits, pegged pants, and high collars, Elvis popularized rockabilly style, and added some much needed edge to conservative white America.

So before jumping to the Army looks, the black leather, and the Western gear, remember the legend for his fusion of the clean cut American Dream with the soul and flavor of the deep South, and that signature hip grinding rock ‘n’ roll edge he gave to men’s fashion.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jimi Hendrix

Style came as naturally to Jimi Hendrix as his amazing ability to make six strings sing. Alongside the phenomenal sound he delivered with his guitar, Hendrix brought an equally electric take on 60′s fashion to the forefront of his image. Of course, there are the bell bottom jeans, afro, and the head bands, but don’t be fooled into pinning the guitar hero as your typical hippie artist.

Rather, his style was a sharp and glamorous elaboration of bohemian style. There’s the leather jackets, fringe details, popped collars, ruffled shirts, chunky jewelery, and his unforgettable collection of military inspired jackets.

Hendrix was a free spirit in his style, as much as he was in life, and proved that with the right attitude you can pull of just about anything.
Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was living a balancing act between earth and an unknown spiritual realm that continuously influenced his music, life, and style. His style is a mix of easy breezy California cool, basement poetry readings, and an indigenous tribal edge.

Call it ‘Beatnik Shaman’. With his booming voice, and poetic lyrics, Jim Morrison quickly became a god of sexuality, with his iconic tight low rise leather pants, and slithering snake-like moves that enraptured a generation of men and women alike.

He was a man of extreme confidence in his art, but in terms of style, he approached it with a hung-over nonchalance that only a true rock star could pull off. Laid back, body conscious and a little rough and tumble, this rocker was a style icon that reinvented the rock aesthetic.
Johnny Cash

“The Man in Black” with a “broken soul with a heart of gold” would be how entire generations came to know Johnny Cash. Dressed in black suits and leather jackets, his sense of style was dominated by a brooding masculinity, one that never shied away from a subtle sense of melancholy and romance. Like a tortured poet searching for redemption, he was consistently dressed in mourning.

Johnny Cash was a stylish man, keeping it simple, and tailored to perfection. Cash didn’t need ripped jeans, or beat up leather jackets to communicate his rebel style. Instead, he highlighted his presence with a simplicity and refinement that could only come from a man who knew who he was.

Cash communicated his emotions freely and deeply from his heart, allowing the subtleties of his refinement to elevate his enigmatic persona.
Kanye West

It’s funny to think that industry heavyweights didn’t think Kanye West had enough street appeal to make it in the industry, because today Kanye West is pretty much the definition of street appeal. West brought the hip-hop world away from the gritty back streets to the red carpet, in a unique incarnation of prep-school style with more than a hint of swagger.

There’s a bit of ghetto fabulousness in the mix: lime green, pink, violet, electric blue are just some of the colors in his clothing palate, not to mention a huge array of chunky gold jewelery, and insane eyewear. Thank the icon for adding some much needed punch to classic luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, for whom the artist has done several collaborations.

“Dress like you’re coming from somewhere, and you’ve got some place to go” preaches the style guru, and it might just be us, but we’ll definitely be stealing a tip or two from this ultra-unique cultural visionary.

Amongst the glitter and glam of the 1970s, emerged a foursome of misfits we now know as KISS.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley were enraptured by the escapism and showmanship of the Glam scene, but aimed for something a step above it all. Donning Kabuki style makeup, and a series of exuberant costumes, their rock star persona’s were born. While the critics were not so impressed by their outlandish looks, Kiss’ captivating costumes and makeup brought rock ‘n’ roll to a whole new level of fantasy that played off every parent’s notion of rock n’ roll: sex, drugs, and of course, the devil.

Today we can have a laugh at the virtuosity of some of these get ups, but one has to admire the courage it takes to make your mark on the scene with your face painted like that.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kurt Cobain

“Come as you are” is what Kurt Cobain crooned, and the youth have been embracing the spirit ever since. A pioneer of the ‘Grunge’ movement in the Pacific Northwest, his collection of oversized vintage cardigans, graphic T’s, ripped jeans, and Chuck Taylor’s would revolutionize fashion, music, and pop culture forever.

Ironically, the last thing Cobain had on his mind was becoming a trendsetter, since the grunge movement really began as retaliation against the main stream in support of uniqueness and defying convention. In the world of rock ‘n’ roll today, Grunge is the convention. Today Hipsters everywhere sport torn jeans, t-shirts, flannel, and nerd glasses in an attempt to solidify their cool.

He may not have had the life he imagined, but in making the outcast king, he gave new life to the millions of youth his music would influence.
Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye had style in spades. Smooth and genuine, much like his music, Gaye ‘s style was an evolution in the same way as his iconic music was. Throughout Motown’s heyday, find Gaye in the smartest tailored suits of the time. His style was a mix of color, texture, and like any fine sartorialist, fit.

Dapper and refined with some signature funk, his styling was sleek and dignified. Throughout the 70′s and 80′s, Marvin transitioned to a much more casual approach to dress; always staying stylish, elegant, and masculine through sporting toques, denim shirts, and plain T’s.
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson knew what it was to be a star. In fact, he knew what it was to be a King, and in some cases, and to some fans, a God. He definitely took every liberty in expressing himself in that way, giving us unforgettable looks time and time again. Who can forget the black loafers, rhinestone glove, red leather jacket, and of course that Jheri curl?

Everyone likes to tease, but before he was subject to all the harsh criticism of the media, there probably weren’t that many people who didn’t want to be even a fraction of what Michael Jackson was. Never an imitator, Jackson always went for the drama and sexy cool that being the biggest Pop star in the world affords.

Love him, or hate him, Michael Jackson will forever be remembered for his music, and the weird and wonderful world he created with his style.
Miles Davis

George Frazier of Esquire Magazine once wrote of jazz pioneer Miles Davis, “thank God for the existence of people like Miles Davis: Except, of course, that there are no people like Miles Davis. He is an original. He is a truly well-dressed man.”

As a stylistic innovator in Jazz, his ever changing styles in music were consistent with his wardrobe. Whether playing it conservative in a Brooks Brothers suit or exuding European refinement with slim cut French silhouettes, Davis always gave his distinct spin, playing up a sophistication in tune with his own signature funk.

By the 70’s both his music and style had reached an eclectic avant-garde edge. Like a true artist, Davis always strived for innovation, evolution, and relevance in everything he did.
Pete Doherty

You might not trust Mr. Doherty with many things, given his track record, but trust his ability to put a unique spin on British fashion; bringing the Dandy to a whole new level of grime and dishevelment.

Doherty definitely has some fashion street cred, with multiple collections by Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme inspired by the infamous rock star, and not to mention shacking up with Kate Moss. If that doesn’t do it for you, look for Doherty on the street in some genius fusions of style that give a new attitude to accessories like derby hats, scarves, and beads.

Sadly, Doherty’s reputation as a junkie might forever eclipse his place in the style hall of fame, no matter how much he knew about putting together a great look.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams has to be one of the coolest guys in the world. There’s just no debate. As a performer, producer, and most recently designer, the style star impresses with his effortless ability to play it cool. His secret? His style isn’t really one way or the other. It moves with the fluidity Mr. Williams needs to suit his lifestyle.

Find him relaxed in a hoody, graphic T, and jeans, with a unique flash only Pharrell could bring, never falling into the mold of the prototypical rap star uniform. Dressing up, find him polished in a velvet blazer, bow tie, and horn rimmed glasses. Pharrell creates an allure, never adhering rigidly to a single influence, consistently changing it up, and always keeping it individual.

Take a style tip: stay unique to yourself, and embrace a sense of style that gives you the freedom to be yourself in all your forms. Clean and polished, intriguing and evolved, this is why Pharell turns so many heads.

You just have to love Prince for all that he is, and all that he brings to the table both musically, and stylistically. In music, he brings technical prowess and an infamous perfectionism. To style, he brings a dapper, eclectic vision of Pop stardom.

While it might all be a little out of this world, definitely give the man credit for knowing the importance of a well fitted blazer. Year after year, spot at least one fantastically fitted blazer that, no matter the outlandish color or out of control embellishment, always manages to fit the man like a dream. Prince knows no matter what you’re wearing, if the fit is good, you’re in the money.

Bringing hip hop to the mainstream was no easy feat, but this trio managed to combine gold chains, track suits, and shell-toes into a look that seamlessly translated a musical genre to the masses for the first time. Almost everything synonymous with the early image of a hip-hop artist can be linked back to Run DMC.

Bringing the underground to the surface, Run DMC not only reinvented popular music, but gave the style of the streets a new voice in the market, and established sportswear as a solid foundation for any wardrobe.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Beatles

The Beatles represent a true anomaly in the world of music and style because of the very fact that they remain influential some 6 decades after their having emerged on the world stage.

Their shaggy hair and smart styling created a revolutionary new look that took the world by storm. The Beatles would became the staple of minimalist Mod London in the sixties, but like their music, the band’s style went on to influence countless artists and everymen.

The Beatles remain classic with their timeless music, and the riff-raff rock edge they brought to classic British styles and tailoring.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Ramones

You’d think that everyone would have to be over the ironic logo T-shirts of The Ramones, but on any given day if you look hard enough, expect to see someone sporting the iconic band’s mock-presidential seal.

What’s the secret to their longevity? The band never managed to crack into the Billboard Top 100, and their highest charting album peaked at No. 44 in the U.S., so it’s somewhat remarkable that these punk rockers have made such an impact.

The looks were All-American but dirty, roughed up by the street, ready to rock. Their music was as simple as their style, but the Ramones knew all they needed was the right attitude to pull it off.

By Moxy Creative.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ill Skillz interview with Biz-Ark Human in 2008

Listen to our story man. This really gives insight into Ill Skillz and where we come from. You might be familiar with the name, familiar with Uno (Tommy Jinxx) or caught us on Shiz Niz, or even been with us since Gugz. You wanna know more, download this interview we did a few years ago. Never been heard before, by even me until now. Then play Unbreakable feat. IAMWAVES. Why not? OFF THE RADAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


iCandy Pack Retro 2s ungazifumana ngoku apha kwi blog ye Ill Skillz ngamaxabiso aphambeneyo. Kodwa qala uye apha http://ill-literate-skill.bandcamp.com/album/skillz-that-pay-da-billz"> to find out how. If not, let me tell you about iCandy. iCandy is a head ache tablet turned Mandrax eGugz. Long story... but THESE? I couldn't even decide in which order to post them, just to be fair. Tried to look at each one isolated... Not enough. You have to look at them in harmony to truly appreciate their beauty. No you can't eat them! These ones are for your Feng Shui Flexx. These are for your Qi and shit you know. What say NSWZA? Gallery on 4th? for Ill Skillz, me and Tommy Jinxx. Candy Pack Retro 2s. You can wear them on Mars and Jupiter, but how you gonna get there?

Friday, November 5, 2010


Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. are "The Rat Pack"

If you believe in cool, you believe in these four gentlemen, the Rat Pack are the original cool.
And this is one item that every cool devotee should own.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Legendary Indie Record Label Stones Throw and iconic French sportswear brand Lacoste have teamed up to bring to life this beautiful piece of foot art, that just oozes street class for that clean touch.LACOSTE LEGENDS / CHEVEL / MEN'S SNEAKER definitely not for the kids. Would love to add these to my small Kick collection and rock 'em like this...