Saturday, November 6, 2010


iCandy Pack Retro 2s ungazifumana ngoku apha kwi blog ye Ill Skillz ngamaxabiso aphambeneyo. Kodwa qala uye apha"> to find out how. If not, let me tell you about iCandy. iCandy is a head ache tablet turned Mandrax eGugz. Long story... but THESE? I couldn't even decide in which order to post them, just to be fair. Tried to look at each one isolated... Not enough. You have to look at them in harmony to truly appreciate their beauty. No you can't eat them! These ones are for your Feng Shui Flexx. These are for your Qi and shit you know. What say NSWZA? Gallery on 4th? for Ill Skillz, me and Tommy Jinxx. Candy Pack Retro 2s. You can wear them on Mars and Jupiter, but how you gonna get there?

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