Tuesday, November 30, 2010

F.U.1.2 (Coz We Want To) Reason, Hyphen, Mothipa, AKA & ILL SKILLZ

When was the last time you heard a dope-ass posse cut? Remember the first time you heard 'Heavy 8' by Zubz feat. Tumi, Proverb, Golden Shovel Mawe2, H2O & Kaydo? Remember 'Twice Inna Lifetime' by Black Star feat. Jane Doe, Wordsworth and Punchline? Or... the 'Flipmode Squad meets Def Squad' on Busta Rhyme's 'The Coming' album. Guess what? We just brought that feeling back! Basically, pH Raw X, a talented producer based in Jhb who we met through Ootz sent us a gang of beats earlier this year ever since we started working in 2009. We discovered a positive vibe while working together and appreciated each other's styles, judging by our previous works we collaborated together such as 'Baby, Baby' and 'Races In Spaces' which featured Zaki Ibrahim. Long-story short though, we've had this beat sitting our collection since early 2010 while we were picking beats for 'Skillz That Pay Da Billz', then in one of our visits to JHB around September Reason made an initiative to get us and Mothipa into pH's studio, and along the same time we've been communicating with AKA and Hyphen of Archetypes to hookup on some studio missions. In the end it all blended together... you basically had a beat maestro on board, 6 dope MCs and one-mic.

We created a masterpiece titled "Coz We Want To aka F.U.1.2.
"... this for all the real hip-hop heads in S.A., to keep our spirit alive, inspire each other, nigga just get with da fucken vibe!
FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://ill-literate-skill.bandcamp.com/track/f-u-12-coz-we-want-to

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