Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nike SB Omar Salazar – Night Fall – Black – Varsity Crimson

It's summer, and what better place to be than in one of the top city's in the world? The streets have been teasing us with the finest most exotic women the world has to offer. But you gotta be at mojito's at the right time to catch glimpses as you sip that Castle or turn to ask for a lighter like BOOM! There it if you're playing Shotgun, it makes it all the more interesting coz than dudes gotta step up to the plate and put their money where their mouth is, or cop the next round or something. Don't remember anyone ever getting as much as a number, but that's not the point...entirely. Not to say cats lack game or anyting, it's just the approach is contrived and woman just pick that shit the pressure of the audience that is Long Street. Anyway, it's summer and it's about to jump off before you can say December. Beach, Braais, Parties, Happy Hours the fireworks. And i'm not a narcissist but it sure feels good to be fresh when the sun is out and and the vibe is at it's best. I got a pair of shorts. yip shorts. and these motherfuckers were made with me and them shorts in mind. Just look at them and tell me i'm lying.

And you can't say i'm lying coz you haven't seen my shorts even. Yeah I'll rock these on Clifton this Sunday. If I had them. Hit Caprice after that, if the bouncer gives me trouble then he's a dom naier!

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