Saturday, November 13, 2010


You know when you see/hear something real that just makes you think. Something that just comes into your life at the right time, for the right uncomfortable truth. I watched and listened to this powerfull joint by a woman who's name has popped up in music convo before. The name stuck, but i never went out of my way to find this
woman. She came to me with this story of a MANCHILD who'm she cannot "save" or "blame".

This is real life shit. Black youth/ young adults all over are going through the same struggles. Is it the Coward Complex? Fear & Self-Doubt? lack of a solid support system? Colonisation? Apartheid? A psychological disease that spreads like a tumor? playstation, booze, blunts, good times. are we ever gonna own shit? like have assets, insurance and family life cover? Are these things important to us? Is it a certain personality type who carries this disease. is it a conspiracy by white america to emasculate the black man by prescribing him values that are foreign to his essence. Is it even a race issue? the answer isn't easy, neither is it a simple one. It requires deep thought and dialogue. Vuka!

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