Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A new style has been found, OMG! Its the 'Casualties Of Raw' by Groundworks

It was back in 2003, when Hyphen, the nigga who put me on this rap shit introduced me to Groundworks, consisting of the likes of Ben Sharpa, Breeze aka Frank Talks, Snazz tha Dictator, Krooked Tha Warmonger, Hueman RIP and Gemini. One of the earliest crews to ever do it in South Africa along with Prophets Of The City and 5th Floor.

Matter-of-fact this is the time when I saw the light that I could be a MC one day, because I had learnt that there are local cats recording, performing and putting out albums. It felt quite sensational back at that time.

So cut-to-chase, please allow me to put you on one of Ill-Literate-Skill's early influences. It is a track by Groundworks called 'Casualties Of Raw'.

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