Friday, December 17, 2010

Sphum' eGugz: Driemanskap feat. Macho & Kanyi

When I moved to Guguletu, The Native Yard, Guguletoire, or simply Gugz in 2002 I became friends with Dlambulo who introduced me to Ma B, Elnino and I eventually met Macho, Planet Earth, Hyphen, T.O.P, Otus, Uno (Tommy jinxx) and a gang of other cats rapping in the scene at the time. I lived two streets away from Planet Earth in Tembisa Ave. We call him Dre, some people in the hood called him Dragon...he was the only cat making hip hop beats and we all would hang out at the Planetarium at his crib and drink quarts of beer, get high, talk shit and freestyle...and then talk some more shit. we called ourselves "Diggin Deep" you could go to his spot and find cats hanging out at any given time of day, without fail. There was no recording set up, just a computer with software and some speakers. We weren't really recording then, but cats were chasing parkjams from Gugs, Langa to Mandalay, jumping the metrorail (no ticket, at times). We looked out for each other, food, alcohol whatever. House parties in the hood were our favourite, but for the most part we hung out at shebeens (township liquor holes), and would talk shit and rap some more. T.O.P wouldn't stop rapping no matter where or what the situation was. Dude just spits, written or freestyle. Hip hop wasn't as cool as it is now. We were misfits in our community. They'd call us iNigga (Niggers); Kwaito was big. We didn't really get down with kwaito, now everybody and their mama is a rapper. That's cool. Hip hop Wins! I started Ill-Literate-Skill with Uno (Tommy Jinxx) and Macho (The Firebreather) in 2005. We dropped Another day-Another Rhyme and then Battle Of Guguletu a mixtape with Driemanskap in 2006. Planet Earth was on the Beats. Getting it in stores was a dream that was never realised. We (Ill Skillz & Driemanskap) travelled to Grahamstown that same year, if not in 07, for the Arts Festival on a shoestring budget and no gigs. We were gonna jump on whatever stage was open. Stayed in a house in Vergenoeg (Yip it was far enough), we made a name for ourselves, had fun and came back inspired to put in more work. Anyway, last year Ill Skillz released Off The Radar and got this video ""> on Channel O. Driemanskap dropped Igqabukil' Inyongo and got this ""> on. Gugs was on the map. Now this new video for a track off their acclaimed album Igqabukil'Inyongo aptly titled Sphum' eGugz (we're from Gugz) features Macho (former Ill Skillz member) and the incredibly talented Kanyi (trust me she's dope). This joint's for Guguletu, and I know Gugz is gonna be proud of them for this one. Big up to Driemanskap and Pioneer Unit!

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