Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It is very clear and undisputable at this stage that Odd Future have invaded and dominated the cyber-space world, becoming the latest sensation. I'm a fan of Odd Future and I have a very genuine support for them mainly because they are very innovative, not afraid to be themselves, authentic and hold-no-bars.

Now on a random night while I was in London, internet's faster than a mofoka :-), and i'm just thrilled and excited to learn more about these kids, leading me to surf through all kinds of their footage and I came across one of their clips which just surfaced through another light on their existing shine. Believe-it-or-not, I must've watched this clip for like over 50 times, and it cracks-me-the-fuck-up as if i've seen it for this time.

To me it seems like a parody whereby Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt are acting out a mini-tale about how they started working but in a very satirical way. I'm sure when you look at it, it'll will likely ring-a-bell of how some pop-artists geek over their shit when it turns out to be really wack.

Hahaha...fuck it! Anyways, peep it out, brace yourself... its KAK funny.

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