Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Air Yeezy 2

Firstly, I can't forgive myself for not copping the first-version smdh, at the same time I try to come to terms with it by understanding myself that I was really broke during that period and rather prioritise my monthly bills- wish I had got that Nike deal by then.

But G.O.O.D. news are on the pipeline as the man himself who invented and brought us the 'Glow In The Dark Tour' back in 2008 along with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell, KanYe West will be releasing a sophomore edition. Although that is a fact and ALSO the fact that I copped the Louis Vuitton KanYe West range, it still doesn't make-up for not scooping the first one on my collection (...yeah I know, moaning-ass sneaker fiend). And if by any chance the Shelflife crew is reading this post, I'M STILL UP TO BUY THAT AIR-YEEZY 1 ON YOUR DISPLAY CUBICLE AT THE STORE.

I believe that he might've made a debut performance with them at the Coachella Festival which took place on April 17, but when I tried taking a good look at the footage by his feet I couldn't spot a better glimpse. KanYe has obviously done and achieved alot in his career, but the reason why I mentioned the 'Glow In The Dark Tour' is because word has it that the concept around the style of the Air Yeezy 2 is adopted from the 'Glow In The Dark' model.

Nuff said! I picked up this pic of it somewhere from the internet. Hope it serves well as a preview, and I am definitely on board for this one.

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  1. got a pair of yeezy 1 in black in pink i am looking to sell if anyone interested in buying.