Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paying Homage Ill Skillz // Mingus // Camo (5th Floor) 30 April @ Voom Voom CPT

Back in 2009, Mingus aka X The 24th Letter invited Ill-Literate-Skill along with Camo of 5th Floor to feature on his solo debut album titled 'Beneath The Underdog' . So we wasted no time by gathering and conceptualizing for the track, and while we were at that phase, it seemed very obvious for what makes us common, our ideologies concerning the music industry and where we as artists are standing within it.

So, 'Paying Homage' became the final concept and title for the song, since we're fans of the original hip-hop music and our influence of it rooting from the old-school/golden-era, we as one of the few left to still represent it through our own music, felt the responsibility to acknowledge the originators of the art-form. It was only right!!! I'd like to also take this opportunity to send a special shoutout to the likes of DJ Kool Herc, POC, Groundworks and 5th Floor. Thank You for laying the foundation for us.

Here you may download the track for free, also featuring DJ Big Dre on the cuts:

Further on, Mingus intended to put it out as his next single from the album, so on the 30 April 2011 we had a show at Club Voom Voom in Cape Town which initially was dedicated to Pay Our Homage to the originators and also aimed to raise funds enabling to shoot a video for it.

Shoutouts to DJ Big Dre's site .... for the photos. This is how it basically went down.

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