Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skillz That Pay Da Billz - 24 Hour Project // London Red Bull Studios // 2nd Series Promo Video

Waddup Township! Waddup World!

Right about now we're in London getting buzzay and totally berserk as most of ya'll know. Preparations for the 2nd Series of our 'Skillz That Pay Da Billz - 24 Hour Project' are underway... can't wait!

I'm quite nervous though I must say and anxious at the very same time. Flexx and I are currently finishing-up our writing process and DJ ID is helping out alot with some admin. So Grateful! And you, the reader/fan/friend/ are anticipating for this big initiative. So so so grateful!

But for now we wanted to hit you up early enough with a promo video, just so that you have insight on the environment we're blessed with over here that will enable us to accomplish this project. Check out the video clip below, directed, shot and edited by Akio Kawahito aka DJ I.D.

We appeal for your support, keep us in your prays and thoughts, this entire initiative won't be possible without your participation.

And therefore, let us stay in touch via;;; and also, later we gonna be updating you about our schedule for Ustream which will go out live every now and then, so you may witness the recording process.

Shoutouts to ya'll! God Bless! Stay Ill Skillin.

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  1. Doooooppppeee!! Love the clip into the Ill Skillz lifestyle up in London....What a studio btw! cant wait for the offering!