Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back ii The Streets

Intro: Malcolm X

Hook: Back To The Streets/ What up township/ we need to start a military/

Verse 1: Jimmy Flexx

Back in the parish of dirt bellies, murder rates, alcohol & drug abuse, shoot-to-kill cops, entrepreneurs, fast living & corner chillin villains looking to rob/ social deviants believe only what's real where they are/ my reality 360 degrees, universal/ systematic oppression by the federal stakeholders, slave owners of the new world, The Take-Over, shape shifters shifty, back at the ranch shit is gritty/ dirty money moving in circles even within the churches, liberation struggle heroes found greed is the new purpose/ party politics & bickering, sickening to the stomach like how these rappers is garbage, somebody take 'em to college. Yeah! or better yet give 'em a job and please bring me black bag i'm tippin trash cans you in a danger zone dead man.
And I'm Flexx man!

Hook: Back To The Streets/ What up township/ we need to start a military/

Tommy Jinxx

Waddup Bitches, niggas, hustlers, killers,… Haven’t heard a hit since thriller/ Live in my hood where they wanna coup d'├ęta Zille/ Ciphers, zols puff-n-passin bumpin Fela/ Italiano label head-to-toe call me "Speedans!"/ Aim is to celebrate, finger on a trigger/ This is the anthem, bang your damn handguns/ Daughters fakin kidnaps hustling poppa for ransoms/ Take it back to the essence, Radios Wack FM (f-em)/ Lance Stehr bonkers on a track we ghetto ruff’em/ We watchin artists starving like orphans/ Tommy’s marchin forth with Flight Jordans/ Game’s frontliners, cypher freestylers/ Vega-graduated Ogilvy MD she likes Us/ Who dumb enough to doubt Ill Skillz killin boom-bap/ Who knew that whites called blacks Snoobabs (backwards read as… Baboons).

Back II The Streets by J.Flexx

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