Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Dillinger - From A Place

Big tingz agwan in Gugs, Driemanskap just dropped "Sphum'eGugs" feat. Kanyi & Macho a few weeks ago. Now one of the Native Yard's very own Champions, Black Dillinger brings this fire to let you know what time it is. This ryddim called "From A Place" speaks of some of the blessings and injustices here in Africa, aluta continua, ghetto youth struggle in a prosperous land..."Ethiopia re-live i swear" seeeeeeeeeen.

Inspiring to see shit like this, come out of a city with no music industry or artist support. Especially for the man of hue. Expect to see more of Black Dillinger, the brother has been pushing this ting for a long time... ghetto youth recognise 2011 and beyond even.

Big up to Dillinger for dis one. Gugulethu big up yourselves, from CPT to Addis Ababa and overwaters. The stars are aligned, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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